Panel-Mount Displays and Digital LED Panel Meters

  • Panel-Mount Displays and Digital LED Panel Meters

    Compact LED displays and panel meters, mini digital LED voltmeters and ampere meters, small LED displays and measurement reading LED displays

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Compact LED Displays Product Highlights

The compact digital LED displays, panel mounted measuring devices and panel meters of the product lines DA08, DA10, DA12, DA13, DA20, DA25 and DA40 are high-quality, robust, microprocessor-controlled digital displays and field-proven and time-tested LED measuring devices. Special low-cost versions and multiple measuring displays complete this wide-range product segment.

  • Digit heights: 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm and 38mm.
  • LED colors red, green and yellow, white and blue.
  • All standard industrial signals and interfaces with programmable parameters and display ranges.
  • Enclosures for panel mounting from 48×24 mm up to 288×96 mm with low mounting depth.
  • Optional plastic and aluminium enclosure systems.
  • Customized modifications and solutions.
  • Entire development- and manufacturing process in house.

Inputs and Interfaces

Digital LED Display Systems for Panel Mounting with Multiple Inputs and Interfaces:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP
  • Analogue inputs  (2/10/40/200 VDC, 20/200 mA DC, 60/125/150/300 mV DC, 0,1/1 mA DC, 2/100/250/500 VAC; 3/6 A AC)
  • Serial (RS-232, RS-485)
  • BCD, Hex, active high or active low, parallel or multiplex
  • Current loop interface 20mA/TTY
  • Counter, totalizer or operating time and hour counter
  • SNTP-, GPS- or DFC77- antenna time signal acquisition
  • Stoppwatch- and  timer mode
  • Pt100 temperature measurement
  • Frequency and rotation speed measurement

Customized Modifications

Besides our wide standard range of LED display systems we also provide custom products, which we design and produce according to exact customer specifications.

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Applications and Possibilities

Compact LED–displays and panel meters are suitable for multiple applications:

  • switch gear stations and control rooms in modern power plants and sewage treatment plants
  • driver information in fork lifts
  • speed warning in road-rail vehicles
  • auxiliary display in the scale/weighing installation
  • piece-counting in manufacturing workstations
  • fault announcement in industrial production technologies
  • status information in container, apparatus and tank construction
  • temperatur- and speed indicators in extrusion lines

Programming on-board controls, built-in web interface or configuration PC software

Webschnittstelle LED Anzeige

The adjustments via built-in controls behind removable front glass or on top side can be carried out at any time without any auxiliary equipment.

The parameterization through the built-in web interface can be carried out without any separate software with a standard web browser.

The configuration software is connected through by a serial Sub-D or USB interface. The dashboard shows various parameters at-a-glance for a fast and uncomplicated configuration process.

Display Technologies

Digital LED displays for panel mounting are available as standard numeric or alphanumeric displays. As an alternative to the usual red LED color, most displays also are available in green, yellow, white or blue.

Housing and Power Supply

All panel-mount LED displays of this product group are available in robust, plastic-framed enclosures. Displays are front mounted in a common housing measuring from 48 x 24 mm, 72 x24 mm, 96 x24 mm and 96 x48 mm up to 192 x 96 mm. Square frames are also available for the common sizes 48 x 48 mm, 72 x 72 mm, 96 x 96 mm and 144 x 144 mm.

The power supply of all measuring displays with analog inputs, digital panel measure instruments and panel meters are galvanically isolated from the measuring inputs.

Moreover, aluminium desktop enclosures or plastic enclosures for wall and/or ceiling mounting are also available as sheet steel enclosures or stainless steel enclosure systems for rough environments.

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