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    Digital display systems and assembly groups with PROFIBUS DP Interface

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    PROFINET und PROFIBUS Komponenten

Digital display systems and assembly groups with PROFIBUS DP Interface

In addition to an extensive range of digital displays with PROFINET and PROFIBUS DP interfaces, special building modules are available for applications in the PROFINET and PROFIBUS environment.

These are various converters for recording phase-shifted encoder signals with direction detection and PROFINET interface, or with serial interfaces RS-232 or RS-485 for unidirectional conversion of serial data telegrams to a PROFINET network. Various PROFINET modules for connecting 2-channel or 4-channel encoders are also available in the production program.


In the PROFIBUS DP area, counter modules are available for pulse acquisition and recording on up to 8 channels. The generation of the counting pulses can optionally take place via compact 2-channel setpoint transmitters in a stable, closed aluminum housing designed for demanding industrial applications.

In addition, 1-channel setpoint potentiometers are also available for direct integration into PROFIBUS DP control systems. They are also mounted in a robust aluminum housing with a large rotary knob.

Products with PROFINET and PROFIBUS DP

  • 2 and 4 channel PROFINET converters with separate encoder modules
  • robust setpoint potentiometer with PROFIBUS DP interface
  • compact setpoint potentiometer for connecting to counter module
  • 8-channel counter system for pulse detection and meter reading transmission
  • digital small displays and bar graph displays
  • custom large digit display
  • single and multi-line displays

Areas of Application and Usage Examples

The different devices with PROFINET and PROFIBUS DP interface are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors:

  • extrusion plant
  • impregnation plant
  • crane installations
  • weighing equipment
  • control rooms
  • and much more…

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