Bar Graph Displays

  • Bar Graph Displays

    Digital bar graph displays and digital/analog panel mount measuring instruments with LED or LCD displays.

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    Digitale LED Leuchtbandanzeigen und Bargraph Displays

Bar Graph Display Product Highlights

The digital LED bar graph displays comprise single and double channel versions with/without additional 7-segment digital displays. The compact and microcontrolled-based LED bar graph displays are available in an extensive range in this product segment. Also available are special low-cost variations of measuring displays, and customer-specific modifications or single-unit productions.

  • Light strips in different dimensions, optionally with and without digital displays
  • Series with housing dimensions from 48 x 24mm to 144 x 36mm and up to 480 x 96 mm.
  • Different versions with LED displays
  • Numerous different interfaces, control and output options are available

Controller and Interfaces

A wide range of different interfaces, bus and analog interfaces can be supplied for the band displays and bar graph displays:

  • Analogue (2/10/40/200 VDC, 20/200 mADC)
  • Serial (RS-232, RS-485)
  • PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP

Custom Modifications

In addition to our extensive standard product line, all digital bar graph displays can be customized according to specific customer request. Single-unit production is also possible.

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Areas of Application and Usage Examples

LED bar graph displays are mainly used as:

  • Data production displays in control and mosaic rooms
  • Trend indicators in operation rooms
  • Level indicators in tank and container installations
  • Speed display indicators in cable carts installations
  • In display boards for multi-channel trend monitoring of analog process data
  • and much more…

Programming via on-board controls and indicators on the side or inside the housing, or via built-in web interface

Webschnittstelle LED Anzeige

Depending on the product group and the selected interface, the displays are programmed or parameterized either using the buttons on the device itself in a simple, user-guided menu sequence, or via the RJ45 socket with the built-in web interface.

The adjustements via built-in controls can be carried out at any time without any auxiliary equipment.

The parameterization through the built-in web interface can be carried out without any separate software with a standard web browser.

Display Technologies

Depending on the area of application , different bar graph LED or backlit LCD displays are available:

  • LED bars with or without multi-digit LED display
  • Pixel-oriented LCD-Display with LED backlight

Housing Systems

All digital bar graph displays are mounted in robust, closed plastic housings for front panel installation in the most popular housing dimensions for front installation of 48x24mm, 72x24mm, 96x24mm and 96x48mm, and up to 192x96mm dimensions.

In addition, special housing formats such as front frame dimensions 144 x 36 mm are also possible.

In addition, custom models with larger LED bars and numerical elements can be cost-effectively produced.

The power supplies for all bar graph displays with analog inputs in the standard product range are galvanically isolated from the measurement input circuit.

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